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Video games in Medical Education, Jackie Morano, MD

Your doctor may be playing medical video games at work. That could be good for your health. Dr. Jacqueline Morano, a neurosurgical anesthesiologist and assistant professor is helping to establish video games in certain lines of medical education with this company called Level Ex.  “People who are good at video games are actually good at some aspects of clinical medicine.”  See the interview in USA Today.

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Michael O'Connor, MD receives Burchardi Research Award

Michael O’Connor, DACC Professor and Director of the Adult ICUs, also past SOCCA president and longtime ASA thought leader, was awarded the Burchardi Research Award, a prestigious joint honor through SOCCA and the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

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Medical and Biological Sciences Alumni Association Prize

Congratulations to Robert Hughey who won the Medical and Biological Sciences Alumni Association Prize at the Pritzker Senior Scientific Session for his research on preoperative stress testing in patients undergoing lower extremity total joint arthroplasty. Robert did his research with his mentor Dr. Daniel Rubin and will be joining the incoming class of DACC residents this July.

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Dr. Glick awarded John D. Arnold, MD Mentor Award

The Pritzker School of Medicine will be honoring Dr. David Glick with the 2018-2019 John D. Arnold, MD Mentor Award for sustained excellence in mentoring medical students. Dr. Glick will receive this award based on his work with fourth year student Charles Du, “Retrospective Comparison of Intraoperative Pressure Variability During Pheochromocytoma Resection in Patients Premedicated with Phenoxybenzamine versus Reversible Alpha Blockade.”

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Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award, 2019

Congratulations to Kristin Powers, M.D., current CA-1, who has been selected as one of seven residents from the University of Chicago Medical Center and NorthShore University HealthSystem to receive the 2019 Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award.   Kristin was chosen for the award by the current third year class of the Pritzker School of Medicine on the basis of her demonstrated professionalism and her stature as a role model for medical students.   

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The Department of Anesthesia & Critical Care invites you to save the date to join us in participating in the 33rd Annual Challenges for Clinicians Conference in Chicago.  December 6th through 8th at The Drake Hotel a distinguished group of speakers will bring their clinical expertise to you! 

More information will be available in the following weeks. 

2018 Meeting Brochure

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Dr. Cutter receives Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Cutter joined the Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia in 1992.  He was on numerous committees, including the Educaiton Committee, where he served as chair.   He also chaired the Semi-annual and Annual Meeting Committees.   He served on the board of directors and was president in 2010.   He was also the society's delegate to the American Society of Anesthesiologist.  

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Dr. Magdalena Anitescu featured on WGN News Focus on Family: Hot topics in pain management

Dr. Magdalena Anitescu, Associate Professor of Anesthesia & Critical Care gave an interview to WGN News on the topic of opioid and pain management.

Focus on Family: Hot topics in pain management

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Dr. Jeffrey Tong appointed as Director of Trauma Anesthesia

Dr. Jeffrey Tong, assistant professor of anesthesia, has been appointed as director of trauma anesthesia.

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Drs. Xie and Fong published in Anesthesiology

Recovery from anesthesia is somewhat random, dependent upon a variety of factors, like genetics or age that are beyond the clinician’s control. It would be extremely beneficial to be able to time recovery from anesthesia in a reproducible manner and to have that recovery be complete.  Even though patients “wake” from anesthesia, there are still cognitive problems that persist for hours. Patient’s reaction rates are slowed and memory can be impaired. In addition, there are outliers; patients that wake very slowly after anesthesia.  Seniors are especially vulnerable to anesthesia.

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Dr. Nagele's election to the Fellow of the American Heart Association

Congratulations to our Chairman Dr. Peter Nagele, who was elected Fellow of the American Heart Association (FAHA) conferred by the Council on Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia (CVSA).  This fellowship recognizes and awards premium professional members for excellence, innovative and sustained contributions in the areas of scholarship, practice and/or education, and volunteer service within the AHA/ASA.

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Ahmed Youself Presentation Award

Ahmed Yousef was awarded the 3rd place prize for his presentation entitled” Caffeine facilitates emergence from isoflurane anesthesia in both genders: blockade of adenosine receptors as well as elevation [cAMP]i are required for maximal effect” at the Medical Student and Resident Scholar Research Symposium, ASA annual meeting, 2018.   The awards were chosen from among approximately 50 presentations from many prestigious institutions. “Waking” from anesthesia is normally passive; it happens when patients clear the anesthetic from their bodies. Mr.

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A new paper by Professor Ming Xu

A new paper by Prof. Ming Xu describes how genome-edited skin stem cells can be used to stifle desire for cocaine and protect against an overdose when tested in in mice.

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Congratulations, Dr. Rubin. Mobile application event reporting article

Congratulations to Dr. Dan Rubin, who is currently working on an app to report research-related adverse events BSD-wide and an app to map handheld device activity monitoring to METs for purposes of preop cardiac functional assessment.

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