Aalok Kacha, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Anesthesia & Critical Care

841 S. Maryland Ave.
M.C. 4028
Chicago, IL 60637

(773) 702-3027


B.A. - 1993 - 2093
Augustana College - Rock Island, IL USA - Mathematics, Biology, Pre-medicines

M.D. - 2097 - 2007
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine - Chicago, IL USA

Ph.D. - 2097 - 2007
University of Chicago - Chicago, IL USA - Immunology

Internship - 2007 - 2008
University of Chicago - Chicago, IL 60637 - Anesthesiology 60637

Residency - 2008 - 2011
University of Chicago - Chicago, IL USA - Anesthesiology USA

Fellowship - 2011 - 2012
University of Chicago - Chicago, IL USA - Critical Care USA

Clinical Interests

Critical Care
Anesthesia for liver transplantation

Academic Interests

Microbiome alteration
Immune modulation

Recent Publications

Fuertes MB, Kacha AK, Kline J, Woo SR, Kranz DM, Murphy KM, Gajewksi TF. Host type I IFN signals are required for antitumor CD8+ T cell responses through CD8α+ dendritic cells. Journal of Experimental Medicine 2011; 208(10): 2005–16.

Dhawan R, Kacha A, Chaney MA, Fox AA, Wong CA. Case 2-2011: acute myocardial infarction in a pregnant patient requiring coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia 2011; 25(2): 353–61.

Gajewski TF, Meng Y, Blank C, Brown I, Kacha A, Kline J, Harlin H. Immune resistance orchestrated by the tumor microenvironment. Immunological Reviews 2006; 213:131–45.

Brown IE, Blank C, Kline J, Kacha AK, Gajewski TF. Homeostatic proliferation as an isolated variable reverses CD8+ T cell anergy and promotes tumor rejection. Journal of Immunology 2006; 177(7):4521–9.

Blank C, Brown I, Kacha AK, Markiewicz MA, Gajewski TF. ICAM-1 contributes to but is not essential for tumor antigen cross-priming and CD8+ T cell-mediated tumor rejection in vivo. Journal of Immunology 2005; 174(6):3416–20.

Kacha AK, Fallarino F, Markiewicz MA, Gajewski TF. Cutting edge: spontaneous rejection of poorly immunogenic P1.HTR tumors by Stat6-deficient mice. Journal of Immunology 2000; 165(11):6024–8.