Jerome Klafta, M.D.

Professor of Anesthesia & Critical Care
Vice-Chair, Education and Academic Affairs

5841 S. Maryland Ave.
M.C. 4028
Chicago, IL 60637

(773) 702-9922


B.S. Honors - 1981 - 1985
Loyola University - Chicago, Illinois USA - Physics

M.D. - 1985 - 1989
University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine - Chicago, Illinois USA

Internship - 1989 - 1990
Northwestern McGaw Medical Center - Chicago, Illinois USA - Internal Medicine

Residency - 1990 - 1993
Brigham and Woman's Hospital - Boston, Massachusetts USA - Anesthesiology

Clinical Interests

Anesthesia for thoracic surgery
Obstetric anesthesia

Academic Interests

Anesthesia for thoracic surgery
Medical education

Recent Publications

Klafta J.  “Lung Isolation:  Clinical Challenges and Strategies for Success.” In 2017 Refresher Courses in Anesthesiology.  (19 pp.)  Available online only at  Fully accessible April 2018

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