June 2011 Congratulations

Congratulations to: Jacqueline Poston a fourth year Pritzker student working in Dr. Roth's lab in the Pritzker Scholarship and Discovery Program who is the recipient of a scholarship award from the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation and an award from the Illinois Society for the Prevention of blindness.

Congratulations to: Dr. Jerome Klafta who has been named Ombudsman for the Pritzker School of Medicine and our GME Programs.

Congratulations to: the graduating class of 2011

Congratulations to the following DACC Teaching Award winners:

  • Resident of the Year – Devin Roberts
  • Teacher of the Year – Mark Nunnally
  • Avery Tung Teacher of the Year – NorthShore – Eric Matten
  • Med Student Teacher of the Year – Jennifer Hofer, Kristen Labovsky