May 2011 Congratulations

Congratulations to: Dr. Mark Nunnally on his election to the Association of University Anesthesiologists (AUA).

Congratulations to: Dr. Michael O’Connor for his award as a Distinguished Clinician of the Biological Sciences Division.

Congratulations to: David Dickerson who was recently elected as the "SAMBA Resident Section Chair" and Jeff Hopcian who was elected as the "SAMBA Resident Section Chair-elect"

Congratulations to: Dr. Allen Klock ho was elected President of Medical Staff. As President of the MSO, Klock will enforce the Medical Staff bylaws, rules, regulations and policies; promote compliance with procedural safeguards; and implement sanctions where indicated. He will represent the views of the Medical Staff to the Medical Center President, the office of the Dean and the Board of Trustees. He will serve as an ex officio member of the Medical Center Board of Trustees, call and preside over meetings of the MSO, and appoint Medical Staff committees. Input and guidance from the Medical Staff Organization is particularly important as the Medical Center moves ahead on the Phoenix project and prepares for transition to the New Hospital Pavilion—two highly significant opportunities that coincide with a challenging economic and political climate.