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Physician Opportunities

Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care University of Chicago Job seekers are encouraged to apply for a position as either an open rank faculty in the Pritzker School of Medicine or a clinical associate.

The School of Medicine (SOM) track is for applicants whose performance as faculty will be judged on the entirety of their contributions to the Division’s 3 primary missions: scholarship, education, and patient care. In this track there are multiple pathways to academic advancement (which is expected and ultimately required for reappointment and promotion) that weight contributions according to one’s allocation between clinical and nonclinical time.  To apply for SOM Track click link below.
SOM track position click here

The Clinical Associate track is for applicants who have undergone rigorous clinical training, demonstrate the potential for superior patient care, and desire to practice in an academic setting while participating in our educational mission. Unlike in the SOM track described above, part time positions are allowed (e.g., 80%, 60%, 50%). While engagement in nonclinical academic activities is permitted and encouraged, it is not expected nor is scholarly productivity required for long-term retention.  To apply for a Clinical Associate position click Clinical Associate 100% effort
For any additional clarification on physician opportunities, please email Dr. Jerome Klafta

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Administrative Staff Opportunities

No opportunities at this time.