Ahmed Youself Presentation Award

Ahmed Yousef was awarded the 3rd place prize for his presentation entitled” Caffeine facilitates emergence from isoflurane anesthesia in both genders: blockade of adenosine receptors as well as elevation [cAMP]i are required for maximal effect” at the Medical Student and Resident Scholar Research Symposium, ASA annual meeting, 2018.   The awards were chosen from among approximately 50 presentations from many prestigious institutions. “Waking” from anesthesia is normally passive; it happens when patients clear the anesthetic from their bodies. Mr. Yousef showed that caffeine dramatically speeds up “waking” from anesthesia; it does so by elevating intracellular cAMP levels and by blocking adenosine receptors, in the brain. Mr. Yousef is a MSII student from University of Miami. He was sponsored by FAER MSARF and was mentored by Drs. Zheng Xie, Robert Fong and Aaron Fox in department of Anesthesia and Critical Care at University of Chicago in the summer of 2018.  This award marks the second consecutive year that FAER medical students from our program received a top award.