UChicago Perks

University Benefits

Reduced Parking Fee: The present fee for parking in the UCH parking facility is $50.00/month.

Meals on Call: Residents receive a meal ticket credit in the amount of $16.00 for each night or weekend day of “In-House” call taken.

20 days of vacation and 5 days of education leave each year of training.

See the Housestaff Handbook for information about health insurance, life insurance, retirement annuities, and leave benefits -

Department Perks

Educational Allowance: A $2,000 educational fund that may be used during the CA-1 through CA-3 years for attending qualifying meetings, additional society memberships, professional subscriptions, review courses, reimbursement of TEE examination fees, and books as permitted by University regulations.  Residents presenting original research at a meeting may qualify for additional financial support on a case-by-case basis.   In addition, the educational/professional fund may be used for expenses incurred when applying for Fellowship positions - this includes ERAS and NRMP fees and fees necessary to obtain USMLE scores and Dean's letters.  Residents who meet certain criteria will be eligible to receive an additional $1000 in their education fund for a total of $3000 over the course of their residency.   Criteria are as follows:   residents must attend > 50% of conferences while on eligible rotations through December of their CA3 year.   

In addition, the department will pay the full registration fee for qualifying meetings (up to 1 meeting per resident per year) at which the resident is presenting.   

Extra Pay Opportunities: 

  • Extra service pay for voluntary late resident position Monday-Friday. 
  • Extra service pay for weekend ICU coverage.

Society Memberships: The department pays for the resident’s membership in the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the American Medical Association.

In-Training Examination Incentive: Full reimbursement for the ABA Part I Basic examination (currently $875) and the ABA Advanced examination (currently $875) for a total reimbursement of $1750 if the following criteria are met: Passing Part 1 (Basic) on first attempt, and EITHER performance at or above the 50th percentile on all 3 (CA-1, 2, and 3) In-training Examinations OR an average percentile at or above the 50th percentile, provided the CA-3 exam is at or above the 50th percentile.

“Perks” are effective for one academic year at a time and will be reviewed annually and are based on affordability. Changes may be made when “perks” are reviewed.